Craft an Experience Your Consulting Clients Will Cherish

What makes you a successful consultant? Clear communication, consistent interaction, and rock solid ideas, of course. Jar gives you everything you need for the first two – (that last one is up to you!).


A Convenient Space Just For Your Clients.

Jar's client dashboard gives your consulting clients one place to go to find all of their files, check request status, submit new work, and communicate with you.


Always Organized. Even if You Aren’t.

With an at-a-glance dashboard and project folders that are automatically created and organized with each new request, you’ll intuitively know what goes where, what needs attention, and what your clients are saying – all without leaving Jar.


Manage Your Business Like a Business

“I love my disorganized business!” said no one ever. Features like request searching, tagging, automatic emails, native file management, and a client dashboard let you instantly level up your business with world-class organization and polish.

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Get your design requests organized and your production processes perfected for $25/user/month. Price includes unlimited clients and unlimited storage.

Still hustling solo? Our free plan includes one user, unlimited clients, and up to 500MB of file storage. Learn more about Jar's pricing here.

Focus on great ideas. We'll handle the busy work.

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