A Remedy For Your Business’ Growing Pains

Whether you’re a solo freelancer, a growing agency, or a marketing department serving hundreds of employees, Jar scales with your business and keeps you organized no matter how large the workload.

Easy to Learn

New teammates can quickly get up to speed and start contributing with Jar’s simple interface. Everything feels similar to tools they already know – like email!

Add New Team Members With Ease

Growing team? No problem. Simply add user seats to Jar with the click of a button. New team members will be up and running in no time at all.

One Place to Create

With Jar your team has everything they need to create, upload, and send in one simple app. Communication, file management, secure sharing, and seamless updates.

Stay Focused on What Matters

Between meeting requests, happy hour plans, app notifications, and everything else that floods your email inbox, it’s easy to miss the important things – like actually creating! Jar makes sure everything related to your important projects are captured in one place, distraction free.

Ready to get started?

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