10 Productized Services Ideas You Can Start Today

10 Ideas for Your Next Subscription Service Business
John Brandt

Offering your services as subscriptions (i.e. productizing) is one of the best ways to turn your freelance or service-based business into a scalable business. Productized service businesses have grown immensely in popularity over the last few years and it is clear why.

One of the greatest benefits of building a productized service is that once it is built and your processes are in place, most of the day-to-day functions of the business can function without you. So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re just not sure what kind of subscription service you should offer, here’s a list of 10 productized & subscription services ideas that you can start today, as long as you have the necessary skills to complete the task.

1. Done-for-you SEO

If you’re a fellow content creator then you know the pain of spending hours writing a beautiful new blog post only to remember you haven’t picked a focused keyword, added the alt text to your images, or done any other SEO best practices.

Sometimes, creators are so focused on their post that they completely forget to optimize it for search engines. They either haphazardly select an unoptimized focused keyword or they completely neglect the SEO. Both are sure signs that their awesome blog post won’t be read by anyone.

This happens because SEO is time-confusing and, honestly, pretty dull. SEO just doesn’t give creatives the same psychic profits as creating their own blog post from scratch — which makes it an excellent skill to build a productized service around.

Idea: charge a set price to fully optimize one blog post, including keyword research, selecting a focused keyword, updating the alt-tags, writing the meta description, and updating URL slugs and title to reflect the focused keyword.

2. Graphic Design

Content is king and the best content is accompanied by beautiful graphics. But finding (or making) beautiful graphics often takes too much time for your average content creator.

Graphic design is another skill that devours time, which makes it a perfect building block for your own productized service.

Idea: market yourself as the stock image curator, where you save content creators time by searching through stock images and finding the perfect one for them.

3. Content Creation

Every business knows that content is king, yet many businesses aren’t actively capitalizing on their content. Consider these stats:

In other words, there are huge opportunities for you to offer your content creation services to other businesses.

Idea: offer one-off blog posts as well as packages of blog posts for a set price.

4. Repurposing Content

Compared to the stats above, only 29% of leading marketers systematically reuse and repurpose content (Curata). There are probably more opportunities in repurposing content than in creating it.

Repurposing content is easier too. You’ll just need to go through their content and repurpose the most important aspects of it. The more thought-provoking, the better.

Then, you could turn their material into a corresponding Medium post, a YouTube video, an infographic, even a podcast. The sky is the limit for repurposing.

Idea: offer a set price for each medium you will repurpose their content into and get busy!

5. Website Creation

Can you believe that it’s almost 2018 and there are still some businesses who don’t know the value in having their own website? Having a website becomes more important as time passes and the generation who grew up with the internet enters the real world.

Personally, if two businesses offer competing products, I will always choose the one with the internet presence (especially if I can order online!).

Creating a website is too technical for most of the population — which makes it the perfect opportunity for you to offer your services and help the older folks out.

You can even start locally! I’m sure there are several businesses who lack a website (or a good website) within a few miles of your house.

Idea: start by offering web services for local businesses, and build out. You can offer website, or even webpage creation services for a fixed price.

6. UX Reviews

If you can’t create a website, but you know a good website when you see one, then this productized service idea is for you.

The internet needs an audit. Luckily, the 90’s style website has faded into oblivion. Can you believe a website actually looked like this?

image of a 90's style website

I apologize for any headaches I induced. But in 10 years we will look back at the websites created now and we’ll be triggered with the same odd nostalgia mixed with disbelief that it actually existed.

But we’ll only have those (oddly fond) memories if there are more UX reviewers who tell businesses their unbiased opinions of what makes sense and what doesn’t.

That could be you.

Idea: provide in-depth reviews of existing websites and offer recommendations on how they can be improved.

7. Accounting Services

Tax season is right around the corner, which means accountants will be drowning in balance sheets. But it also means there’s an opportunity for you to take your accounting knowledge and offer it as a productized service.

Anyone can use TurboTax and have an automated process, but we desperately lack the human connection we once got with accounting services.

You could focus on teaching the basics of accounting, help build financial forecasts, or give your advice for paying taxes and what expenses they can write off.

Idea: With so many young people entering the workforce and paying taxes for the first time, there will be plenty of confusion. Make their experience pleasant and I’m sure they’d recommend you to their friends.

8. Social Media Ads

Social media ads are all the rage today. Facebook alone makes more than $1 billion per quarter in advertising revenue. But every business doesn’t have the technical wherewithal, marketing knowledge, or time to run their own social media ads.

So if you’ve successfully run social media ads before, this is the perfect skill to productize.

Idea: You can charge on a per ad basis and help companies improve the lives of their prospects.

9. Social Media Manager

In addition to social media ads, many marketers lack the time to develop and implement an awesome social media plan.

You could niche down on one specific social platform or you could attempt to handle them all. But you should charge different amounts for each social platform you manage, as well as for the number of posts you will create.

And don’t sell yourself short. If you’ve made dramatic increases in their engagement rates, then charge more. You’re creating value and they will be happy to pay you more.

Idea: Offer a social media plan for businesses customized to their individual needs. Offer upsells or packages for plans covering more than one channel.

10. Coaching Services

Most, if not all, entrepreneurs lack an unbiased perspective on their business. They’re usually too attached to their business to see their mishaps. And often their employees are too insecure to offer their own unfiltered opinions.

This is where a third-party can come in and offer valuable improvements that people working in the organization might have missed.

Your coaching services can be broad or niched. You could offer leadership advice, motivation, inspiration, accountability, etc. No business owner can do it all, and those outside of the business can offer immense value.

Idea: Offer a fixed amount of time for a fixed price, and help business owners in ways they never imagined.


Don’t worry if your particular skill set wasn’t mentioned in the list above. Productizing is likely still an option if it’s a service people demand. You’ll just need to decide how you can productize the most valuable skill you have.

And you don’t need to overthink it. Richard from The User is Drunk created a service where you can get UX reviews from him while he drinks. And due to its success (and limited scalability as he needs to actually get drunk), he created The User is my Mom, where his mother will review your website.

Productizing will give you the freedom you originally thought freelancing would give you.

If you’re interested in offering your services on a subscription basis, be sure to subscribe to our blog in the box below.


John is the marketing coordinator at Jar. Other than attracting new visitors, John enjoys playing music and going on runs with his chihuahua.

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