How To Figure Out What Services Your Virtual Agency Should Offer in 15 Minutes or Less

Want to do a virtual agency but not sure what service to offer? Here's how to find one that fits YOU (and people will pay for).
Corinn Pope

Ah, ideas. Some people have literally entire notebooks of them. Others (myself included) are not as lucky.

If you’re not one of those idea-generating machines and are interested in starting your own virtual agency, you’re still going to need to start with an idea or hypothesis. But fear not!

In this article, we’ll present a few ways to find an idea or offering for your new virtual agency that is likely to succeed. Don’t know what a virtual agency is yet? Then be sure to sign up for one of our webinars and get the low-down on this awesome business model.

What have you gotten paid to do in the past?

What you’ve gotten paid to do in the past is a great indicator that you can get other people to pay you to do the same thing. Think back through your past jobs and projects and pull out the hard skills that someone paid you to do. Maybe they’re things like:

  • Designing landing pages
  • Writing sales copy
  • Running A/B tests
  • Developing basic WordPress sites
  • Optimizing posts for search engines
  • And so on and so forth

Chances are that while you may need a little bit of a refresher, you’ll know how to do the actual work you were at one point paid to do. With that, you’ll be already 50% of the way there. The other 50% (i.e the actual running of an agency) can be learned, just like any other skill.

What are other IRL agencies offering?

One other way to find ideas for virtual agencies that people will pay for is to check out agencies in your local area to see what kind of services they’re offering.

There are a bunch of different types of agencies offering different types of services, so be sure to check out multiple agencies. Some may do web and app development while others do marketing and others do strategy.

A quick search of “Austin Digital Agencies” brought up agencies offering everything from review and Facebook management to video editing, leadership reviews and roadmap planning (check out If an agency is focused on a particular service, has a decent number of reviews, and its website includes a fancy client list, then it probably has enough clients to sustain itself.

That’s great because if they’re successfully offering a service, then you know there is a market for it. And best of all, you wouldn’t have the overhead that a lot of these agencies do IRL. There’s no need for a beautiful, professionally interior decorated office in the trendy area of town.

What can you learn how to do fast?

Say you’re a brand new grad with a fancy diploma and a sudden realization that working for someone else is something you’ve prepared your entire life to do, only to realize it’s not what you want to do.

Now what?

Well, a virtual agency is not out of the question, in fact, we’d argue it’s a great entry point into entrepreneurship and the working world.

There are plenty of topics you can spend a few months learning and get to the point where you know more than 90% of the people out there. Need some examples that get you there?

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Blog Post Creation
  • Social Media Management

If you need more, take the same approach as above and find what services agencies are already offering and improve on them.

Do a little exploring of each of these and find what really interests you. YouTube is a great place to start. There’s also some great content on Udacity, Udemy, Creative Live, and a whole slew of other online course platforms out there.

So there you have it…a super quick way to find new ideas for your virtual agency!


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Corinn is the product manager for Jar. When she's not telling the world about Jar, you can find her out trail running or hunting down the best tex-mex and bbq in Austin.

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