July Product Updates

We've made Jar even more customizable. See how.
Corinn Pope

It’s been a little bit since we released our last product update in October and 10 months since Jar first launched. Time flies! We’ve been up to some really cool things behind the scenes we want to share with you.

We’re always working on new and better ways to help you collect and manage your team and your clients requests. Here is a sampling of all the big updates in Jar in the last few months.

Custom Subdomains & Login Screens

As a services business, your professional image is super important. Your customers want to know it is you that they’re interacting with and who is doing great work for them.

Jar has added custom subdomains so when your clients go to login to Jar, they’ll see your name in the URL bar and your logo on the login screen.


custom subdomains

Head to the settings section of your account to set this feature up for your business.

Custom Statuses

Jar comes with a set of four default statuses: Open, Needs Review, Closed, and Unassigned.

We know that these statuses may not work for every user, so we’ve added the ability to customize these statuses for your account. Change the names of the defaults and add as many custom statuses as you need!

Need to add a “quality control” status or a “pending customer approval” status? Now you can!

The nice thing about custom statuses is that you can also customize what the client sees and what your team sees for the same status, so if you have multiple internal workflow statuses but the entire time you only want your client to see “In Progress” – then that is totally do-able with custom statuses.

Get All Your Requests via API

Need to get all the requests you have in Jar? You can now use our handy API to GET all of your requests in your account. Be sure to check out the API page in the settings page of your account to find your key and details on how to use this feature.

We’re also planning to expand the functionality of our API in the future. Feel free to reach out to us if there’s a particular interfacing you’d like to see.

Customize Outgoing System Emails

Also new since the last update is customizable system emails. Customize your:

  • Invitation emails
  • Request assignment notification emails
  • Request confirmation emails
  • New reply notification emails

Add your own text, formatting, and even emojis to match your own workflow and voice. ❤👍🚀

What’s Next?

We’re continuing to push out new features that will make your Jar experience even better. Next up on the roadmap is improvements to our mobile interface. After that we’ll be working on more integrations so you can use Jar with the apps you use every day to manage your business.

Have a particular feature request? We’re always open to hearing what you’d imagine the ideal Jar experience to be like. Shoot your request over to [email protected]

Corinn is the product manager for Jar. When she's not telling the world about Jar, you can find her out trail running or hunting down the best tex-mex and bbq in Austin.

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