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How Content Cucumber uses JarHQ to Manage Hundreds of Pieces of New Content Every Month
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One of the hardest parts about running a business in 2018 is making sure that not only do you have enough content but that that content is effective, properly targeted to your audience and written in a format that will benefit both you and your customer base. Content creation is very time consuming and extremely expensive if you hire the wrong company or botch it up by doing everything yourself.

So, how do you make sure to get top-notch content-driven material for your blog and social media without taking the stress level to 11? Say hello to Content Cucumber, a one-stop shop for quality content to make any blog or social media page look professional, useful and well-targeted.

Now with the ability to create such fantastical post magic comes with the price of needing a way to store customer content requests, images, updates, keyword targets, goals and marketing strategies per customer and per customer's single piece of content. Let's check out how Jar was implemented into Content Cucumber's process to make sure each customer's requests were turned into amazing content for their blog and social media channels.

About Content Cucumber

Design service for visionaries with lots of ideas and no time.

Content Cucumber helps businesses write blogs, social media posts, and marketing emails. They work on a subscription model, and their original “Content Every Day” plan was inspired by Design Pickle (as you may have realized from their company’s name). With Content Every Day, clients use Jar to share ideas, links, and SEO keywords. They then turn those ideas into awesome pieces of written content at a rate of one per business day.

Since launching in March of 2018, Content Cucumber has experienced rapid growth, and now see a clear path to reaching 100 clients well before the year’s end. As they've grown, they have also begun offering a new service, called “Autopilot.” In Autopilot, their marketing team takes the wheel for the client: From coming up with the strategy, creating the content, posting it, and promoting it.

Jar has been a fundamental part of delivering on both Content Every Day and Autopilot services, for reasons we’ll get into below!


The thought upon founding the company? “Managing client requests via email sounds pretty straightforward!”

The fact that this was not the case became clear the second they landed client number one -- and this was back when the founding team was still writing all the blog posts themselves. Obviously, they weren't going to have the capacity to manage clients, writers, and editors through an email-based system. (At least not without losing valuable time and energy needed to grow and manage the company!)

As mentioned before, Content Cucumber were already fans of Design Pickle -- and their co-founder Chris had a very positive experience using Jar as a client when requesting designs for his e-commerce business. Although there are many project management systems out there, they have never seen one with the same client-facing capabilities that Jar offers, which is a godsend for a request-based subscription service like Content Cucumber.

How Jar Helped

Managing client requests through email was a slow and confusing process.

Knowing it was time to switch when accidentally missing to turn in a request in time for their first client. The “content every day” plan just isn't as cool if you don't actually get content every day, after all! More complex programs like auto-pilot (plus the vlogging and podcast plan they hope to roll out in 2019) would also be significantly more challenging without Jar.


Luckily, they switched to Jar before they had too much data about not using Jar!

Content Cucumber says they can only imagine how many hours would have been lost and how many mistakes would have been made had they continued managing tasks through email. Instead, the only number they say they have to offer is zero: the number of times they've turned in a request late due to confusion and process inefficiency since using the Jar.

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