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By using Jar, Design Pickle massively scaled their design efforts without a sweat.
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Imagine having to send out and manage hundreds of thousands of files, design over a hundred thousand unique designs, and keep thousands of customers updated throughout the process. How would you do it?

That’s exactly the pickle (pardon the pun) Design Pickle found themselves in as they grew from a service with a couple of designers to a team of over 120.

Their solution to this problem in the early days was best described as “Frankenstein-ish” – a collection of stringed together applications all performing various jobs of the production process. As we’ll see, this pieced together solution led to a lot of headaches on the design, operations, and customer success teams.

So, let’s see how Jar made scaling Design Pickle from 3 to over a 120 employees a far less daunting experience while reducing the burden on operations and customer support.

About Design Pickle

Unlimited Graphic Design For A Flat Monthly Fee.

Design Pickle offers unlimited graphic design for day-to-day business needs for a flat monthly fee. Each of Design Pickle’s customers is assigned a dedicated designer who is responsible for completing requests in the customer’s queue. Along with unlimited requests, each Design Pickle customer receives unlimited revisions, source files, world-class support, easy file access, and talented designers to help them succeed with their graphic design needs. Founded in 2015 by Russ Perry, Design Pickle has grown to serve thousands of businesses and complete over 100,000 unique design requests.


When Design Pickle’s pieced together production process couldn’t scale with the company, things got messy.

Design Pickle is growing fast - real fast. “We’ve grown from a team of 3 back in 2015 to over 120 employees in 2017” says Russ Perry, Design Pickle’s founder. Before Design Pickle had implemented Jar, their production process was hectic.

“Frankenstein-ish” is how Design Pickle’s marketing director Jim Pedicone described the pieced together solution they used to track requests.

At the time, the production process went a little something like this: a customer would email in a request which would create a ticket in Freshdesk. The ticket would then be assigned to a designer. Once the request was completed, files would be sent via Dropbox, and any updates or revision requests would be sent via email. If there were any updates or revisions, the process would be chained on to the email thread. Intercom was also used throughout the process to communicate with clients and answer requests for file deliveries or status updates.

Design Pickle was juggling a ticketing system, email, Dropbox, and Intercom, and hoping that no balls were dropped and nothing went missing.

It was pretty obvious that this pieced together solution didn’t offer the desired customer experience or employee experience Design Pickle needed to build and scale a world-class design service.

Their Frankenstein creation needed a makeover, so Jar was built.

How Jar Helped

Automating the biggest time-sucks for Design Pickle let designers get back to the work that matters.

After some deep thinking about what Design Pickle needed this new software to do, a clearer picture of what became known as Jar began to emerge.

The software had to automate some of the largest time sucks of the production process while being able to scale with the ridiculous growth that Design Pickle was facing. Time intensive tasks like managing files and handling customer update and file requests also needed to be streamlined. It also had to be easy to use.

With the number of requests growing every day, designers couldn’t be spending hours answering all of the “Where is my request?” emails. So it also needed to have a client dashboard where a customer could go to check the status of their requests and pull all of their files from current and previous requests.

Once Jar was built, both Design Pickle’s design and operations staff now had a more effective way to respond to design requests, share files upon completion, find information, and collaborate on updates.

On the client side, it offered a new and more effective way for Design Pickle customers to submit and track requests and made the entire process better - for both designers and customers.


Jar made scaling Design Pickle from 3 to over a 120 employees a far less daunting experience while reducing the burden on operations and customer support.

Michelle McQueen - Design Pickle’s sales manager (and official pickle mascot) exclaimed “We can barely remember - nor do we want to remember - what life at Design Pickle pre-Jar was like”.

Growing from 3 to over 120 employees is a challenge for any organization. Luckily, Design Pickle only had to show new hires how to use Jar - rather than teach them a ticketing system, project management tool, and the file structures they needed to create for every single request. This saved hundreds of hours of time, plus, it saved the sanity of the designers - which is priceless.

Jar also reduced the burden on Design Pickle’s customer success team. Because of Jar's integration with enterprise file sharing service, there was less time spent tracking down where a customer’s files went - everything was right where it should be. There was also less time answering status update emails, and less time spent digging through long email threads for relevant information.

Meanwhile, customers were thrilled that they could now go into Jar and see exactly what their request queue looked like and download files from past requests without having to email anybody or search through their old messages. For teams with multiple individual users that used Design Pickle, the client dashboard was a breakthrough in transparency on their team.

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