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Fizzy Pixel Uses Jar to Provide Refreshing Graphic Design for Startups and Small Businesses


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About Fizzy Pixel

Affordable Graphic Design for Startups and Small Businesses


Fizzy Pixel provides graphic design services for startups and small businesses in Australia. Fizzy Pixel’s goal is to create affordable and refreshing designs at a single monthly cost.


Using Fizzy Pixel’s services, startups and small businesses can submit unlimited design requests. Whether the customer needs a poster, a restaurant menu, a facebook image, or blog graphic - Fizzy Pixel has it covered.



Clients are always want to know the status of their projects. Jar’s client portal satisfies their curiosity.


When providing creative work to clients, clients are curious to know how their work is going and what is going to be worked on next. Jar provides Fizzy Pixel’s clients a way to log in and view their design queue, without having to email the Fizzy Pixel staff to check on things.


In addition, Jar gives Fizzy Pixel a way to manage multiple clients - each with multiple projects. With all of these projects and clients to keep track of, Jar keeps every request organized so customers receive their designs in a reasonable timeframe and designers know where in the process everything is.


How Jar Helped

Jar provides Fizzy Pixel with the features they need to manage their work


Jar gives Fizzy Pixel all the tools they need to receive, manage, organize, communicate, and deliver their designs.


Jar’s native file management gives designers a way to manage easily store and share files, while its email integration gives clients a way to interact with their designers that let them continue to use the tools they are familiar with. Meanwhile, team leads can see how many requests are assigned to who, as well as what work needs to be assigned, and what is overdue.


These feature help streamline a lot of Fizzy Pixel’s day-to-day processes - so their designers can get back to creating refreshing graphic designs for their clients.



Interactivity with clients increased by 30%


Providing graphic designs to clients requires a lot of coordination and communication. Designers need to communicate with their clients to make sure their designs turn out just the way they want them. Team administrators need to communicate with their designers to ensure deadlines are met and queues are correctly processed.


When designing for clients, there is no such thing as over communication. Fortunately, Jar makes it easy for clients, designers, and admins to communicate with one another.  Just by using Jar, Fizzy Pixel has seen their interactivity with clients increase by 30%. These open communication lines allow Fizzy Pixel to make refreshing designs that the client loves -  and they’re more satisfied as a result.


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