Case study

Jar helps Lone Star College-Montgomery manage their campus projects with ease and transparency.
The Woodlands, TX






Opened in 1995, Lone Star College-Montgomery is a 365,000-square-foot comprehensive college in Texas on 210 acres of pine forest between The Woodlands and Conroe. Part of the fast-growing Lone Star College System, LSC-Montgomery enrolled nearly 16,000 students in the fall 2017 semester. Additionally, more than 4,000 students take continuing education courses annually.

Now, how does a college of this size manage and maintain school events like job fairs, creating student wellness tips, drama auditions, and even food menus without losing files or notes and still manage to stay in sync with its employees? The answer is in Jar's ability to effectively automate, manage and store data to streamline any size project.

Below we learn about the challenges LSC-Montgomery faced before implementing a task management tool and how by simply integrating Jar's easy to use email request system they were able to not just overcome tough obstacles but also increase their productivity and create a world-class customer experience to their students.

About Lone Star College

Lone Star College is the largest institution of higher education in the Houston area and one of the fastest-growing community colleges in the nation.

Not only great in size, LSC is a key driver and growing contributor to the local and regional economy with an annual economic impact of nearly $3 billion. As you can imagine, with that growth and size there are a lot of projects going on at once that the team at LSC-Montgomery is responsible for managing.


Communication and accountability was a major concern in their workflow.

Lone Star College-Montgomery did not have a quality project management system in place to not only better assist their clients in a timely manner and provide frequent updates, but also offer inter-department stability and open dialogue for each project. Previously, all project coordination was done through email, phone, or meetings and we all know just how much time it can to coordinate those efforts (even the small ones).

How Jar Helped

Jar greatly improved efficiencies in the office.

Jar has also offered key insights into exactly how many projects LSC-Montgomery manages. In addition, it allows individual performance to shine through via transparent communication with their clients. This not only helps the managers who can use this data for reporting and team management but can also provide great recognition opportunities for staff members whose hard work would typically be buried in an inaccessible inbox.


Luckily, they switched to Jar before they had too much data about not using Jar!

In only seven months of using Jar, the team at LSC-Montgomery has already completed more than 700 projects and has created a culture of happy clients campus-wide. For their small team, coordinating and delivery so many projects has been a great accomplishment for everyone involved. The team is thankful for the low-cost solution that Jar offers and is looking forward to continued updates and improvements.

Effective May 21, technical support is no longer available. You can continue to use JarHQ and add users as needed until it is discontinued effective December 21, 2021.