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Merch Power Uses Jar to Offer A Fresh Approach to Merch By Amazon
Las Vegas, NV


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About Merch Power

A Fresh Approach to Merch By Amazon Designs

Merch Power helps Merch By Amazon sellers team up with professional graphic designers to make great t-shirt designs they can launch and sell.

Merch By Amazon Sellers have a variety of challenges to face before their shirts can even be purchased on the site. They have to develop t-shirt ideas, determine if they’ll sell, find a designer to design the shirt, create a great product listing, and promote the product. Fortunately for sellers, Merch Power makes the part of finding a great t-shirt designer simple. Customers can submit their design requests to Merch Power where Merch Power’s designers then create the design and deliver the files to the customer in formats ready to be uploaded right to the Merch By Amazon site.


Working With Designers and Customers Requires a Lot of Communication

For Merch Power, the big challenge was building a system to handle all of the requests for designs that were coming in. Chris Green, Merch Power’s founder explained - “We had no system to manage requests, revisions, and delivery of designs.” Without any kind of systems or processes in place, managing and delivering such requests would be a time-consuming and manual process. “It would have been a nightmare to handle manually and almost impossible to scale.“

How Jar Helped

A Tailor-Made Solution for the Day-to-day Needs of A Creative Business

Jar gave Merch Power an easy to use software tool that tackled the major challenges of running a creative business. From the time a t-shirt design request was submitted to the time the designer delivered completed files to the customer, Jar was there along the way. Jar organizes each request, provides a place for communication between the customer and team, stores files, and gives the customer a dashboard where they could go to check on their design’s status. Chris described jar as “an almost tailor-made solution for the hurdles we faced. - The system is perfect for clients to make design requests that are assigned to the team of designers. The file management system just simply works.”


Streamlining the Process

Jar has allowed Merch Power to streamline their processes and make handling requests a breeze. As Merch Power grows, Jar will be there to help scale creative operations and provide a great experience for both customers and Merch Power team members alike.