Everyone Loves Email

Chances are you have a few coworkers or clients who will never abandon their email. That’s great news for Jar. The entire experience – from emailing a request, to receiving files and providing feedback can take place inside the inbox.

Watch as user adoption skyrockets to 100%. Jar’s interfaces automagically adds every email interaction into your dashboard so you’ll have everything conslidated in one place.

Submit Straight to Jar via Email

If your clients love to send you requests through email, they can continue doing so. Messages from clients sent to Jar’s email account are automatically added to your requests queue so you don’t have to fish through your inbox and can get to work right away.

Threaded Communications Keeps Things Tidy

Jar works a lot like your favorite messaging applications. Simply hit “Reply” in Jar and your message will be delivered to your client’s inbox. No more application switching.

Loop Teammates Into Discussions With Internal Notes & Tagging

Loop teammates in to conversations using Jar’s internal notes. Make quick internal notes on a request to keep track of thoughts, alert team members to new happenings, provide feedback, and more. Notes are 100% confidential to your team.

Canned Responses

Ever find yourself typing the same thing to your clients over and over again? With canned responses, two mouse clicks can save you minutes worth of typing.

Effective May 21, technical support is no longer available. You can continue to use JarHQ and add users as needed until it is discontinued effective December 21, 2021.