Critical Information At A Glance

See what’s due, what’s done, and what needs your attention now. Manage your creative team’s output with intuitive reporting and keep your clients accountable throughout their projects.

Accountability For All

With Jar, everyone in your production process knows exactly what they need to do in Jar. Team members can see what’s assigned to them. Clients can see what their designer needs from them. Production managers can see what requests need to be assigned. Plus, team members can follow requests, so even if they’re not assigned, they know what’s going on.

Information at Your Fingertips

Get all of your questions about requests answered quickly. Find what requests are due soon, what is late, who is working on what, what needs review what requests a client has in the system, and more.

Tag Requests

Need to tag something with a priority status, more information needed, or another categorization that matches your current workflow? That’s no problem with Jar’s tags feature. Add any tag to any request for more customized request searching and sorting.

Effective May 21, technical support is no longer available. You can continue to use JarHQ and add users as needed until it is discontinued effective December 21, 2021.