A Remedy For Your Business’ Growing Pains

Whether you’re a solo freelancer, a growing agency, or a marketing department serving hundreds of employees, Jar scales with your business and keeps you organized no matter how large the workload.

Customizable Request Collection Forms

Collect all the information you need from clients using our handy customizable request form. Add dropdown, checkboxes, text fields, file uploads, and whatever else you need to complete your requests. That way, you’ll get the same needed information from every client, every time.

Easily Add and Remove Team Members and Clients With Ease

Growing team? No problem. Simply add user seats to Jar with the click of a button. New team members will be up and running in no time at all. Plus, permissions let you manage what certain team member can and cannot see.

As Many Clients as You Can Handle

Regardless of which plan you’re on, the number of clients you add to Jar is always limitless. Plus, our handy auto-assign feature lets you automatically match up clients and team members that frequently work together.

Effective May 21, technical support is no longer available. You can continue to use JarHQ and add users as needed until it is discontinued effective December 21, 2021.